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Prof. Richard Reed

Flinders University

Professor Richard Reed is an academic General Practitioner (GP) whose clinical and research work has focussed on improving primary health care services for people with complex illnesses. 

Professor Reed has substantial managerial and research project management skills including being the head of three academic primary care units in the USA, United Arab Emirates and Australia, including serving as an Acting Medical School Dean. He also works as a part-time GP.

In the past five years, Richard has been successful in attracting over $12 million in research and project funding to Flinders University. This research funding has incorporated several major projects which include developing a chronic disease training module for the Department of Veteran Affairs Coordinated Veterans Care (CVC) Program, developing health needs assessments to be used in general practices for veterans, conducting a review to determine the extent critical care coordination elements were being implemented in the CVC program, a study to examine the root causes of unplanned hospital admissions of older people with complex health care problems, and a trial of chronic disease self-management in general practice.

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Prof. Richard Reed
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