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Nicole Grivell

PhD Student

Nicole Grivell is an experienced Registered Nurse with significant primary care nursing experience. Nicole has been instrumental in the establishment of several new models of care and clinical programs for best practice chronic disease management within the primary care setting. Her attention has now turned to sleep, and she is exploring the role that primary care nurses can play within sleep health care. This research successfully combines her experience in primary care nursing and new models of care with her interest in sleep health care.

Nicole completed a Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) in 2019 with the support of the NCSHSR, conducting a qualitative study exploring the experiences, education and attitudes of general practice nurses towards sleep health. She is now completing her PhD with the NCSHSR, researching the factors influencing the implementation of nurse-led models of care for sleep health. Nicole is very honoured to have been awarded the inaugural Nick Antic PhD Scholarship and a Flinders University Research Scholarship to support this study and is very grateful to again have the support of the NCSHSR.

Nicole is also currently working as a research assistant within the MoSIP trial and as a Sleep Research Nurse at the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health. She is also co-chair of the Primary Care Council for the Australasian Sleep Association.

Nicole Grivell
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